The more we demand organically grown produce, the more common it will become. A groundswell of support for organic food has already had a huge impact on the costs involved in production, and the chemical impact on the environment. The less toxic chemicals that find their way into our animals, the happier and healthier they will be.

We vigorously pursue fair trade. When products are grown exclusively in the tropics, like organic sugar cane, we find we are often able to deal directly with the campesinos or small farmer/producers. The more we can minimize trading profits prior to final sale, the better it is for those tending the cane. Where possible we have been able to forge alliances with local and regional flax and herb growers. Throughout this process our lives have been enormously enriched by working with and getting to know our suppliers.


There are many highly principled foundations. These organizations depend as much on charitable donations as they do on their own fundraising skills.

Therapeutic riding programs offer the kind of help to children that no other source of treatment can provide. Because of our faith in the special bond between humans and horses, we have chosen to support many charitable organizations over the years

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