We use Withers & Withers Nutratreats for all of our competition horses. All of the horses absolutely love them!! We keep a tin at the arena to use daily as a training treat, and a Barn Bucket at the stable to greet them with. They are simply the best!!!"

- Shannon & Steffen Peters with Weltino's Magic

Organic Horse Treats

"I am especially thrilled that a healthy horse treat has hit the market place that my horses love. I use them during training both in the saddle and from the ground.They keep beautifully in my pocket, and with several flavors and ingredients to choose from, I can reward even the pickiest horses in the barn."

- Sue Blinks

Sue Blinks and her horse Flim Flam helped the US Olympic team win the Bronze Medal in 2000, and a Team Silver at the FEI World Equestrian Games in 2002. While she and her horse Mark were quarantined in Aachen, Germany as alternates for the 2008 Olympic Team, she shared our treats with the Team and reports horses and riders loved them!


"I just love the Withers & Withers horse treats for a number of reasons. They are all natural--they do not melt in my pockets like sugar and peppermints etc. do. Most of all, my horses find them yummy--and my dog loves them too. I recommend them to everyone. They are tops."

- Kathy Connelly

Kathy Connelly is a USEF "S" judge and popular clinician. She has won National titles at all FEI levels, including U.S. Grand Prix Champion and U.S. World Cup Champion. She has represented the U.S. at the World Cup at Gothenberg, Sweden and was a member of the Grand Prix bronze medal team at the North American Championships. Her additional achievements include training and coaching horses and riders to all National and FEI level titles in the U.S. and coaching successfully abroad.


"Finally a treat that horses can enjoy, with the bonus of ingredients that contribute to their well-being. I like the handy shape because I can use the treats as a reward while I am riding...I have even seen a few of my clients take a bite of the treats...to rave reviews!"

- Volker Brommann

Volker Brommann is a USDF medallist who has trained various horse and rider combinations to USDF medals and has competed himself through FEI levels. Since 1994 he has trained with Klaus Balkenhall, the USDF Team coach and former Olympian. volkerbrommann.com


"My horse had an irritant cough for months. Your Marshmallow treats really eased his symptoms when nothing else worked."

"I started my horse on the Ginger treats and his stiffness and joint pain improved almost immediately. When I took him off them to try another herbal flavor he stiffened up again until I put him back on the Ginger. His stiffness again improved immediately. Thank you Withers & Withers!"

"My horse was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and was put on Doxy which I added to his feed, but it remained at the bottom of his bucket until I ground up a Withers & Withers NutraTreat and mixed it in with the remaining medicine. He now licks the bucket clean every time."

"When I have to give my horse a supplement, he will only take it if he knows a Withers & Withers NutraTreat is following."

"I no longer have an issue with my mare taking the bit. She does so willingly with a NutraTreat in hand. She has never liked any other treats, and I’ve tried them all! What a huge problem solved."

"My friends are so appreciative of these beautiful tins I send as Christmas gifts !"

"I would love to email pictures of Rocky who loves your Insulin Resistant Treats. I couldn't get a picture of his funny face as I think he likes them too much to make his face."

P.S. Thanks so much for the time you spent with me getting Rocky the best of treats! "

"Thank you so much for your efforts to create a treat for my IR horse. It’s wonderful to be able to give them guilt-free. It makes us both happy!"

"I think my mare would walk through fire for these treats!"