When I gave the last white sugar cube to my horse Norman, he took it trustingly, but I felt guilty about giving him something unnatural and chemically processed. I decided to create a treat that was healthy both for him and the environment. NUTRA-TREATS are sourced from organic, unprocessed, fairly traded raw cane sugar and milled flaxseed. They are rich in molasses and infused with a trigger dose of selected beneficial herbs that horses love. We have also developed INSULIN RESISTANT treats that mature or overweight horses, and those suffering from Laminitis, can enjoy made with Stevia and Cinnamon, to offer sweetness without risk.

Whether training the subtleties of dressage, supporting the exertions of eventing, or the endurance of reigning and driving, these compact treats will hit the spot. As a beneficial reward following a trail ride or for your backyard buddy, NUTRA-TREATS provide a wholesome solution.

They are compressed from raw ingredients, not baked, to maintain herbal potency, and increase their freshness and shelf life.

“We use Withers & Withers Nutratreats for all of our competition horses. All of the horses absolutely love them!! We keep a tin at the arena to use daily as a training treat, and a Barn Bucket at the stable to greet them with. They are simply the best!!!” - Steffen and Shannon Peters